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Serving locally Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey, Humboldt, Williamson Valley and Chino Valley.

Nationally we ship to all 50 States in USA.

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Local Services in Prescott, Arizona

Located in Prescott, Arizona we offer local services like curbside pickup, delivery, install, and disposal.

Local Delivery and Services Zip Codes

City Zip Code Delivery Fee Travel Fee
Prescott 86301 No Charge 0.00
Prescott 86303 4.00 0.00
Williamson 86305 4.00 35.00
Prescott Valley 86314 No Charge 0.00
North Prescott Valley 86315 4.00 0.00
Chino Valley 86323 4.00 35.00
Dewey 86327 4.00 0.00
Humboldt 86329 4.00 0.00
** Travel Fee Only Applies for Service Calls **


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Flag: Majestic Flyer
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Banner: Schools Out
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