Curbside Pickup Now Available

We now offer curbside pickup as an option for local area customer. We give you the option to select: Morning Pickup 9:00 AM to Noon or Afternoon Pickup 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. You select at check out and we do our best to work with your schedule. We confirm your request and when your order is ready by email. Generally orders are ready within an hour, so long as I am not out on delivery.

We are easy get to just off Hwy 69 at Diamond Dr 1st light past Home Depot in Prescott Valley heading west and light at bottom of the hill before Home Depot for east bound traffic. There is a turn lane for both directions off Hwy 69, see Map and Directions below. Note: It is all uphill so afternoon pickups advised in winter.

Prescott Flags Map and Directions for Curbside Pickup

Download to Print Map and Directions in pdf

Prescott Flags Curbside Pickup Location

Download to Print Curbside Location in pdf