Residential Flagpole Selection

House Mounted Flagpoles

House mounted flagpoles an economical way to enjoy the beauty of a flag without the hassle or expense of installing an in ground pole. They are also a good choice when you do not plan on flying a flag 24/7 but only on special occasions. House poles come in 5' to 8' lengths and are 3/4" to 1.5" diameter used to display 2' x 3', 2.5' x 4' or 3' x 5' flag with either grommets or a pole hem - pole pocket. These poles are also utilized to fly house flags 28" x 40"" and custom banners in assorted sizes.

They are offered in 1 piece sold, 2 piece sectional and 2 pieces that are treaded together in the center. They can be mounted with a bracket to almost any surface, including walls, porch post, and large columns. These poles are generally a light duty pole and should be taken down in high wind situations.

House mount flagpole are either wood, aluminum or fiberglass and offered with various "anti-furlough" options and configurations. Most will come with two flag mounting options, either a hook at the top of the pole to secure pocket style flags or adjustable rings that attach to grommets on the flag. You want to look for poles that have anti-furlough configuration so the flag does not wrap itself around the pole.

The most common poles have top ring and hook rotates 360 degrees around the pole and the rest of the pole slides through the pocket in the flag that also allows for 360 degree movement. Others poles will have two rings that attach to the pole and are configured to allow 360 degree movement and in some manner attach to the top and bottom grommets on the flag. There is a third type of pole that is gaining popularity which is two-piece pole and the whole upper section of the pole rotates, these are commonly referred to as "free-spin" poles. The flag is secured to the upper section with rings with thumb screws that you tighten to the pole itself on the upper free-spin section of the pole.

Pole Construction

  • Wood: solid single piece preferably a hardwood.
  • Aluminum: solid single piece, sectional, or two piece aluminum
  • Fiberglass: solid single piece durable fiberglass pole that is corrosion free

  • Solid One Piece
  • Two Piece Sectional
  • Two Piece Treaded Joint

  • Single Ring Hook at top Pole Hem Flags
  • Brass Grommets and Mounting Rings for flags with grommets
  • Mounting Brackets

    There are several options for mounting brackets include stamped steel, molded plastics, and molded aluminum. You can get them in single position, two position and adjustable multi-position. Make sure that it has a lock screw to secure the pole in the mount, look for those that have a flathead lock screw they are much easier to turn and not abrasive on the fingers. Some will have molded plastic heads on the screws, but these do not hold up well in the sun. The plastic will dry out and become brittle and eventually breaks while tighten the screw. I like the 2 position cast Aluminum for durability and ease of use.
  • Stamped Steel Single Position
  • Cast Steel 1 or 2 position
  • Cast Aluminum 1 or 2 position
  • Cast Aluminum Multi-Position
  • Composite Material 1 or 2 Position
  • Location Selection

    Pick a location for your pole that once it is installed and the flag is flying that the flag is not hitting power lines, lights, gutters & tree limbs. Line of sight is yet another consideration within your location, is the flag visible from street and presents itself proudly. Also select a location that will not obstruct foot traffic, last thing you want is a flag slapping you in the face as you approach your home.
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    Last Update 2-16-2024